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NTI Days

With a nontraditional instruction (NTI) day, school buildings are closed but students participate in learning at home. It counts as a school day and does not need to be made up or added to the calendar. Students use their Chromebooks to complete lessons virtually. Class assignments, teachers’ office hours, Zoom links, etc. are available online. Please reach out to the teacher via email for support.

The NTI day will follow the block rotation scheduled day, and TCHS students will receive and complete their work via Canvas. There will not be any direct, teacher-led instruction (students will learn asynchronously), but teachers will have office hours from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

  • NTI lessons will be labeled as "NTI Day 1", etc. and Dr. Field will notify families the NTI day and number to help limit confusion. 
  • Students will have three days to submit assignments after returning to school.  Dr. Field will always provide specific dates to students and families. 
  • Students who qualify for meal assistance, have an IEP, or 504 Plan are eligible for a hot spot if internet access is not available at the student's residence.  


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