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School Registrar

Debbie Gilley

Phone: (859) 381-3640


Fax: (859) 381-0197 

What the registrar does:

  • Registers new students
  • Maintains all students records and Cumulative Folders
  • Requests and sends out student records on incoming and transferring students.
  • Maintains and updates student transcripts
  • Records SAT and ACT scores
  • Assists in Graduation- orders diplomas and creates the list of graduates
  • Maintains students immunization records
  • Maintains and updates drop-out list
  • Sends transcripts to NCAA
  • Completes all tasks relevant to student records
  • Makes sure all reports are accurate for auditors

Online Enrollment and Enrollment Requirements

1.  Click this link for the FCPS Online Registration page.
2.  Select your desired language.
3.  Complete the fields on the screen (pictured above): Registration Year – 22-23. The CAPTCHA will display letters and/or numbers with a colorful background behind. Type the letters     and/or numbers into the text box beneath. There are no spaces. Letters are case-sensitive. If a letter shows in uppercase, type it in the text box in uppercase. If you want to change the letters and numbers displayed in the CAPTCHA, click the blue refresh button.
4.  Click “Begin Registration.” The program will send an email to the address you entered on the screen.
5.  Check your email for a message with a subject of “Welcome to Online Registration.” If you do not see it in your Inbox, please check your spam, junk, trash, etc. folder.
6.  Click the link at the bottom of the email. If the URL link listed at the bottom of the email does not work, please copy the URL link and paste it into a web browser.
7.  The program will walk you through the following sections: Household, Parent/Guardian, Emergency Contact, and Student. At the end of each section, click “Save/Continue” to save your work.
8.  Walk through each screen, reading the sections carefully. Use the Next and Save/Continue buttons to navigate through the application.
9.  Review the application very carefully, and then submit it.
10.  Write down and hold onto your application number.

*This is only for students who are coming from out of district, state, or country.

The FCPS registration process and household form should be completed by students not in TCHS feeder schools.  Submit forms to Debbie Gilley.

Additional Requirements before the enrollment process can be completed:

  • (2) Proofs of address – Copy of signed lease agreement/deed AND a current utility bill
  • Original Birth Certificate or Passport-(may be used if unable to provide original birth certificate)
  • Current Kentucky Immunization Certificate – All out of state or out of country certificates must be transferred to a Kentucky Certificate.
  • TB Skin Test – If coming from outside of the United States-Complete and read. TB Skin Test must be given after the student enters the USA.
  • High School Transcript (8th Grade Report Card for entering Freshmen) – Any grades and credits earned
  • Transfer Grades – If enrolling from outside of Fayette County after 1st semester begins.
  • ESL Testing – If your child is coming from outside the United States and home language is something other than English. Please call: Martha Rodriguez 859-381-4179 for testing. District Office Address (IAKSS) 701 East Main Street for ESL Testing
  • Home School – If your child is coming from Home School, you must contact Sharon Pearson at IAKSS-the district office-before your child can enroll in school.  859-381-4130.

To determine what enrollment area you are living in follow this link.



 To request a transcript, press the ‘Request My Transcript’ Button.


Alumni Transcript Fee for paper or hard copies $2 per or electronic Parchment is $5

Current Student Transcripts (Electronic) FREE or (Hard Copy) $1 per transcript

Transcripts can be sent electronically to Colleges/Institutions or can be prepared locally to send to local businesses/employers or to pick up.

All transcripts may be ordered through but anyone graduating after 2009 will get a paper/hard copy transcript sent.

Alumni Transcript Request Form is available, please fill out form below.

Click here for the form or you may come in person (must show ID) to pick up transcript in Guidance Office 8-3:30pm daily.

Out of Area Information

Out of Area Requests

*At the conclusion of each term, Out of Area Student’s will have their grades and attendance reviewed to see if they still meet the Out of Area requirements. Issues of behavior can result in the immediate repeal of that student’s Out of Area Status.